Open Channel as the NEXT B!G IDEA!

SEVEN Open Channel is in the running for this year’s CTIA B!G Idea Contest and now is your chance to vote! To be considered for the contest, companies had to display innovative ideas for products, apps or services that “embody the true transformative power of wireless and can change the way we live, work or play.” Open Channel has revolutionized the way smartphones and chatty apps connect to the network, reducing mobile data usage by up to 70%, providing better service for users and immediate capacity and financial relief to carriers.

Always on smartphones and the chatty apps that users love are constantly signaling the network, some up to 2,500 times per hour! These requests eat-up network resources and suck the device battery. Our B!G IDEA optimizes all requests and efficiently connects devices to the network, eliminating the risk of network congestion. We simply make it possible for every mobile user to have a great experience with mobile data services!

Open Channel transforms the entire mobile ecosystem: from end-user and device to mobile apps and wireless networks. Now is your chance to help the mobile internet become a reality for everybody by voting for Open Channel as the Next B!G Idea! The winner is based solely on the number of votes so every vote counts! Cast your vote now!

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Mobile marketing and branding aficionado. Tapping into the world of gaming and rich media advertising for brands globally. Amateur chef, dog lover, adventure seeker.
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