Mobile Apps Get Ice Cream Sandwich Update

This is starting to read like a food blog with all the Ice Cream Sandwich posts!

On the heels of the update of our Hotmail app for Android to support Android 4.0 (also known as Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS), we have more news that involves frozen handheld treats: our complete suite of Android mobile apps now supports ICS.

SEVEN mobile apps deliver true push-based email, IM, calendar and contact syncing.  However, this news is aimed at mobile carriers around the world, as many of them base their email services on SEVEN software.  In fact, the first ICS-based mobile apps will soon be available to smartphone users in Spain and the U.S. thanks to carriers who are in the process of rolling out the updated software.

Are any of our readers currently on ICS? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more exciting announcements from SEVEN!

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Mobile marketing and branding aficionado. Tapping into the world of gaming and rich media advertising for brands globally. Amateur chef, dog lover, adventure seeker.
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