AdClear rolls out Firewall & Snooze functionality.

At the end of last year, we teased new features for AdClear with the release of our new UI. You’ve waited patiently, and it’s finally here: the Firewall and Snooze features have been added! That’s not all; HTTPS filtering no longer requires a screen lock & AdClear can now clear cache / data automatically.

AdClear has always had a slight drainage effect on batteries, enough so to cause some users to uninstall. Now with Snooze mode, your battery life will improve when using AdClear! Snooze will cut off all network communication when the screen on your phone is turned off.  On top of that, the new Firewall feature will keep you safe from malware threats online. Regardless if your app is in the background or in the foreground, You now have protection.  To round it all off, HTTPS filtering is now a no-qualms choice to help protect from encrypted malware intrusion.

AdClear will keep your phone safe, charged, and free from ads, all for free. We want to thank our loyal users and beta testers that have assisted us in finalizing these features. With your help, AdClear has become the best ad blocker for Android there is. We continue to focus on new innovations, and we’re always here to help!

AdClear is available to download for free from our website.

For inquiries, contact:
Christian Sandlin

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Ad Blockers for iOS—Beyond Blocking Ads

Using an ad blocker gives you more value than simply blocking intrusive, annoying, and sometimes auto-playing ads; they give you a better user experience.

With customers becoming more wise to the practices of ad publishers, ad blocker usage is skyrocketing, with mobile phones becoming the new frontier.

There have been many accusations levied toward ad blockers. For one, they “decrease the revenues of a business” and “do more harm than good.” Surprisingly, the naysayers have nothing to say about providing the consumers what they need. The truth is, ad blockers achieve more than simply blocking ads. They also:

1. Maintain Your Privacy

Online advertisements use trackers to monitor your data and your online behavior. And they do it without asking for it. Every click stores information about what you are browsing and generates a profile that advertisers would use to sell you targeted products and services. This method is intrusive and does not take into account the user’s wishes to stay anonymous. An ad blocker for iOS will be able to block these requests and would be able to provide users a browsing experience where they do not have to worry at every click that their personal data would be abused without their permission.

2. Secure Your Online Experience

Some advertisements are prone to hacking and contain malicious software that can damage your files, or encrypt them so that you can’t use anything unless you pay the hacker. So using ad blockers to get rid of ads does more than that—it protects you from ransomware!

Ads are not the only disguise taken by malicious software. They can be hidden among fake download buttons on a page, confusing users. Hence, a wrong click could potentially damage your files.

Using an ad blocker would give you more security than you thought was possible online. With a smooth user experience, you will also enjoy the removal of the threats that are common online.

3. With SEVEN AdClear for iOS, Block Ads in Your Native Language, Too!

Speaking of ad blockers, SEVEN AdClear for iOS is able to block ads in thirteen different languages! This means that the ads in your native tongue are held to the same scrutiny, would be blocked, and you can enjoy a safe, smooth user experience.

These are the languages in which our ad blocker is able to block ads.


  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • Danish
  • French
  • German
  • Indian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Spanish/Portuguese
  • Swedish
  • Turkish



The best part about this ad blocker for iPhone is it is completely free! We aim to provide peace of mind when you browse online, helping you receive the best user experience.

If you’d like to try it out, here’s the App Store link. If you have any questions about the product, don’t hesitate to give me a message!

Christian Sandlin


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Relax, Using Ad Blocker Is Okay—The Ethical Dilemma of Blocking Online Ads

The major argument posited by content providers and publishers on ad blockers boils down to “blocking ads steals our revenue.” The editorial director of Tom’s Guide went as far as saying:

“Every time you block an ad, what you’re really blocking is food from entering a child’s mouth.”

Many might consider it morally unethical to block ads. Before you believe that, listen to the facts.

It all began with the surge of pop-up ads in the mid-90s. Advertisers saw the dire need of attracting customers because banner ads were not working, and thus pop-up ads were born.

And people hated it. Unreservedly.

These ads were annoying, disruptive, frustrating, and destroyed any semblance of quality user experience. When people turned to website publishers, they claimed innocence and said they needed money to stay afloat. Pop-up ads were the only way out.

So the people took charge, and ad blockers were created. It was a defense tactic against the most intrusive, in-your-face advertisement method. Using ad blockers simply protects users from what they don’t want in their browsing experience.

As for the theory that browsing websites is a contract between a user and a publisher—that the user browses for free, and in turn, they view the ads on the web pages— it’s hogwash. No one reads a privacy policy or really consents to these practices. This is why:

Ever Wonder What Advertisements Actually Do?

Online advertisements are lines of code, which can incorporate more than just what you see on the page. It is not simply a small box to ads in print media. It includes trackers that follow every click you make, make notes of what you watch and browse and then either sell that data to the highest bidder or use that data to create a profile about your behavior. Now here’s the big question: When was the last time a company website asked for your personal details? Unless you have signed up for a user account, probably never.

All of this monitoring and data collection is done without user’s consent. And this is why the anti-ad blocker theory is invalid. By using an ad blocker, you are only making the choice of keeping your data private. You only want to enjoy a seamless browsing experience without the distraction of ads.

So the next time someone tries to make you feel bad about using ad blockers, you will have enough counter-arguments. Just ask them about your right to privacy, and they’ll shut right up.

If you are looking for a kickass ad blocker for iOS, check out SEVEN AdClear for iOS. It’s completely free! If you have any questions, simply message me at:

Christian Sandlin

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How Ad Blockers Can Help Both Advertisers and End Users

If the title surprises you, bear with us.

Yes, there has been a wide gap between what the users want and what the advertisers want when the debate comes to ad blockers. This is mainly because what the dream is for advertisers: an accurate customer profile able to help them understand what the users might buy, is a privacy nightmare. Content producers and companies wish for their ads to be viewed by many people, repeatedly, so that they would be able to sell their product and build a personal profile from your browsing history. To us normal folk, this is something we never agreed with.

This is why people are interested in using ad blockers on their iPhones—they want a better user experience. But the question remains, how can this help advertisers?

Here’s our two cents:

1. Empowering the Customer Will Provide Benefits for the Company

If we compare today’s online advertising methodology to that of yesterday’s print advertising, the focus has always been on how much space an ad can cover. Today, efficient advertising prioritizes how targeted an advertisement is, that is, how accurate the ads are to the user’s interests. While targeted advertisements are better for both consumers and the company, taking it to a level that infringes upon privacy is not acceptable.

Ad blockers for iOS prevent companies from accomplishing what users do not want. When enough companies are pressured, they will hopefully understand that there is a need to provide for users rather than advertisers. And maybe, just like the change from focusing on space to focusing on needs, there may be a revolution in the advertising world that empowers customers.

2.Ad Blockers Challenge Companies to Consider Marketing Methods Users Want to Engage With

When companies face a dead-end from this pressure, the smart ones would figure out other means to market their products and services to their customers. This could include survey forms that collect data important for targeting that is optional. The bonus of these methods would be that the end user would be fully aware which data goes into the company’s data sets and in control of which data they wish to divulge.

3. Companies Can Create Trust-Based Relationships with their Customers

Smart companies can build trust with their customers by creating transparency concerning what information they use and for what purpose. Customers might even be willing to cooperate and willingly provide more information. The only companies left behind would be the ones who do not provide quality products or services.

We’re all better off without them.

SEVEN AdClear for iOS is an effective ad blocker that is completely free! If you have any questions, send me a message and I’ll get back to you!

Christian Sandlin

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3 Reasons Why You Should Use an Ad Blocker for iOS

When it comes to blocking ads, there is a stark difference of opinion between end users and publishers. While users are most likely to use an ad blocker for iOS to improve their user experience, publishers are angry that their paid ads and their tracking software are blocked.

While ads may be beneficial for some users, most find them annoying and disruptive. An ad blocker blocks these ads from ruining your browsing experience. Ad blockers are also useful for blocking malicious parties from gathering your data. Here are a few more legitimate reasons to use an ad blocker for iOS.

1. Keep Your Data Private

No one is happy with intrusive data gathering that is the norm among web publishers. 86% of users do not prefer businesses to share their information to third parties. This reluctance has increased as people are beginning to gain awareness about how their browsing data can be used to advertise to them. For example, imagine you are having a heated debate with a friend about a certain product. To get a valid source to back up your point, you search for various points of view. This seemingly innocent search will notify the product’s manufacturers to advertise their products to you, and you will be forced to view these ads on your Facebook page, your browser, or other social media.

If you had used an ad blocker for iOS while you made the search, the trackers would have been blocked and you would not have had to view the annoying ads. You’d even get the results faster!

2. Increase the Speed of Your Browsing

Using an ad blocker on your iPhone will reduce the amount of time that it usually takes to load a page. Ads grab the largest chunk of your data resources and reduce your browsing speed by forcing your browser and apps to load them before your content. An ad blocker for iPhone will stop this loading from happening, focusing your bandwidth on what you want it to do.

3. Increase Online Safety

Malvertising is the practice of attacking unsuspecting users via leaks in browsers and browser plugins. Major sites like Yahoo, Forbes, and more have fallen victim to these leaks, infecting millions of trusted users with malware. With an ad blocker for iOS, you will be able to browse safely as these advertisements will be blocked and you will have a safe environment to browse in.

If you are looking for a robust ad blocker for iPhone, try out Seven’s AdClear for iOS. If you have any questions about our product, you’re most welcome to contact me.

Christian Sandlin

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How our Ad Blocker for iOS Keeps You Safe from Malware—And What You Need to Know About It

An ad blocker does more than simply block annoying, disruptive ads. It can also keep you safe from malware. Even the most popular sites can fall victim to an attack, infecting thousands of users at once. Using an ad blocker for your iOS device will keep your data safe while browsing

Stay Protected

AdClear for iPhone will be able to protect you from the potentially harmful malware hidden underneath various ads. It is a common practice for malicious users to hack into ad servers and redirect users to infected sites. A study by Zscaler has revealed the existence of compromised sites containing ads which led to ransomware.

How Scary Is Ransomware, Anyway?

If you’re thinking that you can risk being unprotected against ransomware, think again. Corrupted ads contain manipulated codes that aim for weak points or leaks in your browser, infiltrating your system. Since advertisements are so common on websites, they are not usually interpreted as threatening. Users can get affected with the malware within minutes—or seconds. Barkly conducted a test to check how fast ransomware encrypts files, and this was the shocking result:



  • Virlock: 201 seconds (3 minutes 21 seconds)
  • TeslaCrypt 0: 28 seconds
  • CTB-Locker: 45 seconds
  • TeslaCrypt 3.0: 45 seconds
  • Petya: 27 seconds
  • Chimera: 18 seconds
  • CryptoWall: 960 seconds (16 minutes)

After your files have been encrypted, a pop-up reads that you will only get back your data after following guidelines that they have described. On iPhones, ransomware can lock users from phone unless they pay the compulsory ransom to the hackers.

If you don’t want to be on the receiving end of ransomware, it is better that you use an ad blocker to block ads that may contain potentially harmful malware.

Oh, and to answer your question of how dangerous ransomware can be, FBI actually advises victims of ransomware to just pay the ransom.

On this note…

How Can SEVEN AdClear for iOS Help Me?

Using an ad blocker would make your life easier as you would be able to steer clear away from disruptive ads. By removing any chance that you can click on ads by mistake, you will remain protected. SEVEN AdClear for iOS is efficient and will block all kinds of ads for you. You can turn it on and off any time you want—giving you full control over your browsing experience. Your data is not routed through SEVEN’s servers, which provides you extra privacy as well. If you want to download it, here’s the link.

If you want to learn more about the product, or the dangers of ransomware, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Christian Sandlin

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SEVEN AdClear – The Best Ad Blocker for iOS

When the App Store featured content blockers for the first time, publishers threw a fit, disregarding what end-users were looking for. Within a day, three of the top five paid apps were ad blockers. ‘Ad blockers for iPhone’ quickly became a top search. Let us delve into the details.

Why Are Ad Blockers So Popular Among Users?

Ad blockers work by blocking ad requests while hiding where their displayed in iPhone apps. This improves browsing speeds, bandwidth, and the overall browsing experience. Other major reasons for using an adblocker is to include protect privacy, a necessity on iPhones. A survey has revealed that 89% of ad block users installed the feature in order to improve their user experience.

Video ads can be the most disruptive. Nobody likes being forced to watch ads with no option to close or get rid of them. The sharp rise in popularity of mobile ad blockers can probably be attributed to this. Ad blocker users have grown from 20 million in 2009 to a staggering 200 million in 2015. This rate of increase in usage indicates that the internet lacks a more streamlined and effective browsing experience.

What Sets AdClear Apart?

If you are familiar with our products, you may already be aware of the popularity of AdClear for Android, a fully featured ad blocker that’s completely free. The same goes for AdClear on iOS.

1. Block Ads in Different Languages

With this ad blocker, you can block ads in multiple languages—providing users all around the world a more personalized service. Currently, there are thirteen languages available for AdClear for iOS.


3. Block Video Ads

With AdClear for iOS, you will be able to block lengthy video ads that take time out of your busy day. We’re pioneers in video ad blocking on Android, and we’re bringing that expertise over to iPhones.

 3. Ad Blocking When You Want It

With AdClear, you have the option to block ads on your iPhone any time you want. Simply press the power button on AdClear’s main screen, and the VPN will be disconnected.

If you want to download AdClear for iOS (free of charge!), you can get it from the App Store here. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me!

Christian Sandlin

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