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What’s your smartphone doing while in your pocket for the 22 hours you’re not using it?

A recent survey from O2 in the UK shows that mobile users consume less and less minutes making phone calls, but spend more and more time on their device checking the web, listening to music, playing games and being social. … Continue reading

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Telus CTO Talks About 2,700% Signaling Increase

The wireless signaling challenge is big news. Headlines is a new feature of the Taming the Signaling Storm blog that covers breaking news about signaling challenges that make the news. There’s a new network math, according to the CTO of … Continue reading

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LTE to Bring Significant Benefits, but What About its Impact on Signaling?

LTE network rollouts are in full swing in North America and a hot topic in Europe this week with the LTE World Summit taking place in Barcelona. There’s no doubt that carriers should be excited about the many benefits of … Continue reading

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Storm Watch 2012: Devastating Signaling Front Ahead

There’s a potentially devastating signaling storm brewing and SEVEN Networks is on the frontlines with a new infographic depicting the breadth of the problem that plagues wireless networks across the globe. What’s the culprit? Application chattiness! Did you know that … Continue reading

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Mobile Internet in Need of Content Delivery Management!

Consumers are increasingly turning to smartphones and tablets to access online services whether it’s streaming videos or “over-the-top” Internet services and this is driving demand for mobile data through the roof.  Now, the mobile Internet needs a content delivery management … Continue reading

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What Personal Clouds Mean For Mobile Networks

What used to be called the “post-PC” era now has a new name: “the personal cloud” era.  In fact, Gartner has predicted that personal clouds will replace the personal computer as the center of users’ digital lives by 2014.  That’s … Continue reading

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5 Million Users Can Now Enjoy an Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)

At the end of 2011 we had reached just over 3 Million downloads of the Hotmail app for Android that SEVEN Networks developed for Microsoft. Now just three months in to 2012 and we’re thrilled to announce that the app … Continue reading


Calming the Signaling Storm: Where Others Have Failed, Traffic Optimization Will Succeed

This past year, carriers have taken several steps to alleviate the amount of traffic generated by heavy mobile users, including capping unlimited data plans and data throttling. In October, Monica Paolini, president, Senza Fili Consulting, shared with RCR Wireless why … Continue reading

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Hotmail app for Android now available in Korean

We posted last week a new version of the Hotmail app on the Android Market: the update brings support for the Korean language. Everybody who owns an Android device in Korea can now enjoy Hotmail in Korean! The app is … Continue reading


CES recap: wireless and tech experts not immune to network congestion issues

At the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, the thousands of tech savvy attendees were not immune to network congestion as reported by many. Despite carriers’ efforts to provide better coverage and allocate more bandwidth to the show floor, many … Continue reading

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