Calming the Signaling Storm: Where Others Have Failed, Traffic Optimization Will Succeed

This past year, carriers have taken several steps to alleviate the amount of traffic generated by heavy mobile users, including capping unlimited data plans and data throttling. In October, Monica Paolini, president, Senza Fili Consulting, shared with RCR Wireless why capping data does not change users’ behavior and does not help with network congestion.

And this past week, a new study released by Validas is claiming that data throttling does not help either, according to an article at SlashGear.

These studies are further evidence that carriers will need to plan for more sophisticated approaches to the signaling storm caused by chatty apps in order to keep their networks up and deliver on subscriber demands. This is why we firmly believe that traffic optimization solutions like our Open Channel™ will provide the answer that carriers are looking for. Open Channel has the power to reduce data traffic, signaling load and increase battery life, without app or network changes and without impacting the user experience.

Stay tuned for more on Open Channel, but in the meantime, let us know in the comments below your thoughts on the spectrumcrunch and the solutions currently available.

About Isabelle Dumont

Head of Marketing at SEVEN Networks
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