The Results Are In: Carrier Trials Prove Effectiveness of Open Channel Traffic Optimization

SEVEN Networks conducts trials with mobile operators to demonstrate the effectiveness of our Open Channel Traffic Optimization software. A new white paper presents results from recent trials publicly for the first time.

The trial results confirmed what we knew all along: that Open Channel Traffic Optimization substantially lightens the mobile signaling load on carrier networks and reduces bandwidth consumption. It also significantly extends battery life. To provide someMobile-Traffic-Optimization-Trial-Results hard data around this, on average battery life was 17% longer for devices on which
the software was optimizing mobile data traffic. Two other important optimization metrics showed results that were even more favorable – by a wide margin. To see the full results, please download the white paper (registration required.)

The white paper outlines the trial methodology, defines the metrics used, and provides trial results for six carriers. The trials are designed to help each carrier understand the results that the software can deliver in a full-scale production deployment. Trial users are typically selected from among the carrier’s own employees, and they are instructed to use the phone as if it were their own. SEVEN Networks does not require or request that specifics apps be installed (or not installed), which ensures unbiased results.

Trials consist of a baseline period and an optimization period, each usually lasting about a week. During the baseline period, the software is present on the device, but the optimization functionality is turned off. During the second period, the optimization functionality is activated. By comparing metrics across the two periods, we are able to measure the benefits of the software.

The carriers involved in the trials span three continents – North America, Europe, and Asia – and they have diverse profiles in terms of size, network technology, app mix, and user behavior. The fact that the results were so consistently positive indicates that the product will have a positive impact in a wide variety of carrier environments.

For a full description of these exciting results, we invite you to download the white paper.

About SEVEN Networks

SEVEN Networks software solutions deliver device-centric mobile traffic management and analytics for wireless carriers. Extending control from the network to the mobile client gives operators the power to manage and optimize data traffic before it impacts the network. Device-based analytics offer deeper and timelier insight than solutions that are solely network based. SEVEN’s Open Channel products reduce operator costs, increase efficiency in the use of wireless infrastructure, and enhance end-user experience. They bring immediate capacity relief to overloaded networks, simplify the creation of innovative new service plans, and provide actionable intelligence for mobile carriers.
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