Make Room for New Android Apps with Ping!

According to USA Today, a majority of smartphone owners open only five or fewer apps per week.

So, what’s a busy social media user to do if they want to download the latest game or app and not crowd off one of their favorite messaging or social media apps?

Get Ping from SEVEN Networks.  Ping is one app that allows you to message all of your contacts using their preferred communications method, be that Twitter, Facebook, Google Talk, email, SMS, SEVEN Chat, voice call or voice mail.  That’s at least six apps rolled into one making plenty of room for the latest Temple Ran or Words with Friends app.

Ping’s user interface features an innovative contact carousel that allows you to view your contacts in a wheel-like view that is organized by the last person to message you and includes all of the messaging services that they’ve reached you on.

This makes it easy to stay close to those who matter the most. Additionally, Ping was developed with SEVEN’s push platform for real-time message delivery and longer battery life.

So before you wonder which apps are going to make your top five, get Ping to help make that decision just a bit easier.  Ping is available on the Android Market.

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Mobile marketing and branding aficionado. Tapping into the world of gaming and rich media advertising for brands globally. Amateur chef, dog lover, adventure seeker.
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