Engaging our Carrier Customer and their Users

We recently demoed the latest version of Ping, our social messaging application to one of our North American carrier customers. It was interesting to get direct feedback on some of the challenges carriers are experiencing with the mass adoption of smartphones and the traffic resulting from the adoption of chatty mobile apps and OTT services such as VoIP, and other instant messaging applications which ends up s hogging up their networks:

Ping gives carriers a way to  re-engage the new generation of smartphones users and the services that they want most, while keeping control of the traffic generated by those apps on their wireless networks. SEVEN brings years of expertise in the optimization of mobile apps and our apps are designed to minimize network signaling and bandwidth usage.

What’s in for the user? By combining all of the most commonly used communication tools: voice, SMS, chat/IM, email and Facebook and Twitter- Ping gives users a simple, single-screen view to connect, eliminating the need to jump from app-to-app.

Does the user have to setup another account to share with friends? No! Ping is based off of your telephone number and your device address book and requires no new setup to chat for free. It does enable users to add as many accounts as they like, however, including their favorite social networks, email, and IM.

We’re about to bring more to Ping including the ability for users to apply their own themes and moods to their social messaging experience. Carriers too will be able to leverage the concept of themes to tailor the service to match their own brand identity. Stay posted, we’ll have news and demos on this shortly!

We love getting feedback from our customers, and our users! If you haven’t tried Ping yet, download it in the Android Market and let us know what you think!

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Mobile marketing and branding aficionado. Tapping into the world of gaming and rich media advertising for brands globally. Amateur chef, dog lover, adventure seeker.
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