SEVEN Tips to Surviving the Mobile Data Tsunami

The traditional practices of carriers where they provide services such as all-you-can-eat data plans is a thing of the past. The data tsunami is forcing them to rethink the way they deliver services while still providing a superior quality of service and differentiated user experience. The capping of data plans has left users with the fear of exceeding data usage limits and facing hefty overages- meanwhile leaving operators with few options to maintain revenues while still providing a quality level of services. The data tsunami is affecting the mobile ecosystem as a whole, and end-users are feeling the brunt of the wrath as operators scramble to find the best solution.

Here are a few survival tips that may be useful in managing the data tsunami:

  1. Personalize and differentiate service offerings: Know what your users want and needs. Tailor devices and services to users’ preferences, interests and usage. Offer multiple alternatives to reach deep into the various consumer segments.
  2. Know your network: Effective network analytic tools can provide critical information to understand the activity and performance of your network-enabling a superior user experience and increasing network efficiencies.
  3. Recommend and even preload network-efficient apps: Align yourself with network efficient apps. Seek out apps that are both network and user friendly. At SEVEN, our mobile messaging apps are designed to consume less data and battery, reducing both bandwidth and signaling usage on the network while extending battery life. Your subscribers will thank you for pre-selecting for them data efficient apps especially if you also pushed them towards capped data plans.
  4. Adopt cutting edge network optimization: Solutions such as Open Channel™ from SEVEN Networks can provide much needed relief to operator networks, reducing the time the device is on the network by 40 percent without impacting the user experience. This means lowered network operational costs and improved device performance for your users.
  5. Thoroughly re-evaluate your data plan strategies: Mobile data traffic on operator networks is increasing at a 52% CAGR, while data ARPUs remain constant, leaving operators scrambling to find new ways to monetize mobile data services in order to maintain positive margins. Capping plans and limiting usage seems like natural solutions that can rapidly be implemented. However, evaluate in parallel how much this will cost you in customer loyalty based on available market alternatives.
  6. Truly sell the value of value added services: Your service strategy should not be just about monetization of services. In order to meet end-user needs while maintaining revenues, pay-as-you-go and value-added plans might be a necessity. Offer incentives to end-users such as discounts, promotions, try and buy or coupons and let users evaluate whether your value added services is a good fit for their needs.
  7. Finally, keep it simple! As smartphones reaches into the masses, mobile operators that will benefit the most from this rapid adoption will be the ones that stay the closest to their subscribers with a set of services and offerings that are easy to understand, easy to adopt, easy to use and deliver a fair value with good quality of service for the price.

 As more and more data hungry smartphone and tablets consume network resources such as bandwidth and signaling, carriers are faced with additional challenges that go beyond network upgrades and offloading. It’s clear that the data tsunami is affecting the entire

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