Operators Benefit from SEVEN Mobile Apps

SEVEN Networks has a successful track record of helping improve the business for the mobile operators around the world.  Our solutions are deployed in 14 languages and 70 countries.  The savings for operators can range from a decrease in the operational expenses and better consumer behavior insights via reporting and analytics, to service stickiness due to the engaging nature of SEVEN Mobile Apps which are push-enabled.

Loyalty is another key component to make a mobile app successful in a channel.  Flurry Analytics show News and Medical as the most successful apps with a 43% retention rate after 90 days.  Compare SEVEN Mobile apps to that metric, and we have found an average of 80% retention /loyalty rate for our channels.  SEVEN has worked over the years to constantly refine and improve the user experience, all the way from the initial sign up and provisioning, to the ongoing experience across messaging, contacts and calendars- including real time notifications.

Real Life, Real Time™ is a key theme for SEVEN.  Our proven Push Technology provides users with a seamless experience between the multi-screen environments that they work and live in today – computer to mobile devices.  Messaging on mobile can take numerous forms – whether based on email, IM or social networks,  the SEVEN powered solutions keep users engaged as they are notified of updates and new messages in real time.  Furthermore, SEVEN provides the ability to personalize this to your lifestyle.  You can customize the real time updates, choosing when it is time to take a break via sleep/quiet mode.  This is perfect for today’s prosumers, who are managing their business and personal communications on their mobile device, and always on the move.

How do you manage your mobile lifestyle?  Are you loyal to your device, the applications, your carrier, or all of them together?  Let us know

About ctrampota

Marketing and Business Development Leader in the Mobile Industry. Experience working across the ecosystem, from the carrier, to hardware (mobile devices) and software (mobile apps). Leader across the business from sales and business development to product management and marketing. I love working with a dynamic and changing environment, where growth and awareness is the goal!
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