One Last Look at 2010 – A Year of Growth and Strategic Transition

As we’re poised to ring in the new year in a few days, I wanted to share a quick look back on the accomplishments of 2010 because it was a big year for SEVEN Networks.  Not only was it a year of growth, but we were also successfully able to expand from our core wireless messaging markets into the broader market of infrastructure for mobile apps.

So, let’s look at 2010 in light of these two accomplishments.

Growth: We added 1 million active messaging accounts to our user base thanks, in part, to success in the fast growing prepaid wireless market, which we entered when we started working with metroPCS and Boost Mobile this year.  But this user growth is also due to new and expanding business relationships with tier 1 carriers worldwide, including Verizon, Orange Group Worldwide and Mobitel.  Another growth driver has been our partnership with Samsung, which uses SEVEN to power its Social Hub Premium on most of its Galaxy phones.  This has meant expansion into new geographic markets (we’re up to 80 now), and a small, but fast-growing user base of mobile social media users.  One last growth statistic:  the amazing ascent of Android is reflected in the fact that nearly 10% of SEVEN’s users have Android devices, up from none in 2009.

Strategic Transition:  The future for SEVEN lies in taking the simplicity and ease of use of push messaging to other mobile apps in a way that cuts down on network congestion and improves battery life.  It’s a win for carriers, device makers and users.  The first step was the debut of Ping® in Feb. 2010, which opened the SEVEN push technology platform to third party applications.

So, SEVEN’s execution through 2010 has provided us with the market momentum and the resources that set the stage for more advances in the coming year.  What’s next?  Watch for our Mobile World Congress 2011 press announcements to find out.

Happy New Year!

About SEVEN Networks

SEVEN Networks software solutions deliver device-centric mobile traffic management and analytics for wireless carriers. Extending control from the network to the mobile client gives operators the power to manage and optimize data traffic before it impacts the network. Device-based analytics offer deeper and timelier insight than solutions that are solely network based. SEVEN’s Open Channel products reduce operator costs, increase efficiency in the use of wireless infrastructure, and enhance end-user experience. They bring immediate capacity relief to overloaded networks, simplify the creation of innovative new service plans, and provide actionable intelligence for mobile carriers.
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