RCR Wireless with COO David Ratner

This month, I had a great opportunity to sit down with Jeff Mucci, publisher of RCR Wireless to share with him a bit about SEVEN and tape a few video segments to be used at the RCR Coverage Conferences that we are sponsoring in November.

It was a great opportunity for me to tell Jeff about how SEVEN will leverage the experience we have gained with more than 10 years of developing mobile messaging solutions for operators, device manufacturers and application developers for a future that will depend even more on interactive mobile apps.

We first reviewed where SEVEN has been:

  • SEVEN Email enables more than 8 million users to sync both their work and personal accounts, providing instant, real time notifications and content refresh. SEVEN IM delivers a desktop-like IM experience, with always-on notifications and allows users to chat across multiple networks.
  • Earlier this year, we launched Ping® Services to enable non-SEVEN apps to take advantage of SEVEN push technology to maximize device performance and battery life. SEVEN powers Samsung Social Hub, the social networking and integrated messaging application on bada and Android Devices.
  • Our Mobile Apps and Ping Services are built on the SEVEN platform, enabling push notifications and wireless synchronization of content for mobile devices.

SEVEN has been successful with the development of mobile solutions and enabling push notifications on hundreds of devices worldwide. Being a key player in the mobile industry requires SEVEN to strive for innovation-after all the mobile industry is one of the fastest changing industries in the world, facing new challenges as technology and trends evolve. Most recently, the proliferation of smart phones and mobile applications has brought new challenges to the mobile industry. The way data is being shared, and the amount, has dramatically changed the way information is managed on the network.

Network congestion has become a major problem for everyone-carriers, manufacturers and end users. Look at iPhone, for example. Apple and AT&T have experienced intense criticism over dropped calls, the ‘death grip’, and super spotty service. The issue isn’t just the device or number of users on the network; it’s the way the information is being managed, specifically signalling, causing the majority of AT&T’s network congestion for iPhones. SEVEN’s long history in mobile technology enables us to manage information on the carriers’ network to help minimize poor device performance and optimize data traffic.

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