SEVEN Users Push for More

The results are in. According to our survey of over 800 respondents, smartphone users who try push-enabled mobile services like push email get hooked on the service and want other push-enabled applications.  At the same time, many users are turning off capabilities, carefully considering which apps they download and taking other actions to improve the battery life of their devices.

Over 86% of respondents believe that push-enabled email/real-time updates are an important feature to ‘effectively and efficiently’ conduct business, ‘stay in touch with work, family, and friends on-the-go’, and ‘respond quickly’.

The survey revealed that many are seeing the endless possibilities of the future of next-generation applications, such as instant updates from their personal “Nanny Cams” or Xbox LIVE accounts. Additional suggestions include real-time updates from applications such as social networking sites and news sites.

While many respondents were relatively satisfied with the battery performance of their device, they also indicated that they are considering ways to maximize battery life. In fact, 50% of respondents admitted to taking actions to improve battery life, including tactics such as turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other connections, charging the device as much as possible and turning off the device when not in use. Additionally, the survey revealed that 80% of respondents consider battery life when downloading new applications.

Interestingly, some users noted battery life savings as the main reason for having a push-enabled service on their device. This is because with push services, data is exchanged on the network only when needed, which significantly decreases the radio activity on the device and results in longer battery life.

Users love SEVEN push technology and how it keeps them up to date which is good news for mobile carriers because a well-designed push technology can help deliver the interactivity needed without killing the network with signaling data. It’s interesting that the response on the challenges of battery life was uniform across regions and should indicate to developers that they need to seriously consider battery life when developing new apps.

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Head of Marketing at SEVEN Networks
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2 Responses to SEVEN Users Push for More

  1. Jeremy W says:

    Interesting that people would consider such actions just to improve battery life. The part about the real-time updates on the go makes a lot of sense though. The way people nowadays interact with each other via smartphones or social media, they’re all real-time and people are pretty much “demanding” such services. Are video feeds from nanny cams available on smartphones such as iPhones? I’ve considered buying one and was wondering whether one could be hooked up to my iPhone. I read that these real-time digital transmission nanny cams could stream video feeds over the internet, and would be so much more useful if they could be monitored when I’m on the go, instead of when I’m sitting down in front of my computer.

  2. Constantine T says:

    One concern is that these digital transmission that streams over the internet could be intercepted by hackers, which is a real concern for personal privacy. Although in reality, perhaps it isn’t a huge concern as hackers may only get a good glimpse of your living room or baby room. Some people may be able to live with that in return for live data.

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