Mobile App Free for all Not Great for Wireless Networks: Traffic Management Even More Critical

According to a recent article in PCWorld, leading analyst firm Gartner has reported “93 percent of all mobile apps will be free by 2016.”

This news will likely lead mobile app developers to focus their attention on how to drive revenue out of these free apps. This can be done either through in-app advertising or by making the app free, but charging the user for added features. While these tactics help the developer drive revenue, it only makes network congestion worse with constant signaling from the app to the app stores and/or advertiser websites.

Furthermore, the increased focus on revenue will distract the developers from focusing on improving the signaling and data transfer efficiency of their apps, much like we discussed in our recent blog post on HTML5 and developer priorities.

So, while consumers will certainly enjoy a greater selection of free apps, they will be hard pressed to enjoy using the apps due to increased traffic on the wireless network. We expect that this will only increase pressure on carriers to deploy traffic management solutions that enable them to maintain their good level quality of experience.

About SEVEN Networks

SEVEN® Networks develops innovative software solutions that help wireless carriers manage and optimize mobile traffic before it impacts the network. SEVEN’s flagship Open Channel® products reduce operator costs, increase efficiency in the use of wireless infrastructure, and enhance end-user experience. Extending the management of data traffic from the network to the mobile client brings immediate capacity relief to overloaded networks. Operators gain actionable intelligence on their networks, application activity is optimized, and unnecessary signaling activity is significantly reduced. For more information, visit SEVEN online at
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